Rear Mounted Bicycle Camera

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Rear Mounted Bicycle Camera

My spinoff idea is to put a cell phone camera taking a constant video onto the back of a bike and to embed a screen onto a bike helmet. The camera would broadcast the video to the screen on the helmet so that the biker could see what is happening behind him/her. I am making this because I thought about how many bike accidents are in my city. It turns out that there were 90 bicycle accidents involving cars in 2014. :( If bikers used my invention, they would be safer on the road by having a 360 degree line of sight!

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Spinoff TechnologySpinoff technology is technology that includes NASA technology in it, uses NASA research to build, or is NASA technology better suited to use on Earth. Other companies make it. See below for examples.


I use scratch resistant glasses to see because I’m nearsighted. The scratch resistant film is made by using an electric discharge of an organic vapor. NASA figured this out while working on a spacecraft water purification system. Now the technology protects glasses.

Cell phone cameras are made with spinoff technology. In 1990, a JPL team researched ways of improving complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors to miniaturize cameras on interplanetary spacecraft. Now they are used for cell phone cameras! (Picture of cell phone camera screen and my dog, Thunder.)

My friend Kate has Type 1 diabetes. She uses an insulin pump to deliver insulin to her body. The design for insulin pumps was based on NASA techniques for building satellite components. Now that technology is used for making lives easier for people that have diabetes.

Ask and ImagineMy first idea was to put a proximity sensor on the back of the bike that beeps when something gets close to it but I decided against it because the sensor would beep when there were, say, trees. Then, I thought about using a motion sensor but didn’t because it would beep whenever you are moving. After that, I thought about using a cell phone camera to send a constant video to a screen mounted on the helmet via wire but I did not use that idea because the wheels might get caught in the wire and it could be very dangerous. My final idea was to put a cell phone camera on the back of the bike which would broadcast to the screen wirelessly so a biker could have 360 degree vision.


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