rainforest vocabulary VALERIE STOYER

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foraging- looking for food#finding food

Rainforestvocabularyby:valerie stoyer

Adapt- to change to be able to survive in a perticular environment.#changing

biodiversity- the variety of all living organisims# variety of living things

Chlorophyll-the green matter in plants needed to produce food#green matter producing food

Endemic- native to a region and found nowhere else#not found there

Biota- everything living including things we cannot see.#alive

Ecosystem- a system where organisims live and interact with each other#living and interacting with you

Habitat- area in which an organism lives#where I live

Dependence- the ecological process when one plant or animal needs another to survive#Im depending on you

Species- a group of plants or animals that are the same type#Im the same as them



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