Rainforest Vocabulary-Daniela

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Adaptto change to be able to survive in a particular enviroment#change

Biotaeverything living including things we can't see#bigandsmall

Biodiversitythe variety of all living orginisims #orginisms

Rainforest VocabularyDaniela

Chlorophyllthe green matter in plants needed to produce food#greenmatter

Dependencethe ecological process when one plant or animal needs another to survive#survive

Ecosystema system where orginisms live and interact with each other#life

Endemicnative to a region and found nowhere else#righthere

Foragingsearching for food#food

Habitatarea in which an orginism lives#sweethome

Mutualism- a relationship between two species of organisms#twospeices

Migration- the process or act of migrating#movement

Parasitism- a relation between organisms in which one lives as a parasite on another#parasite

Competition- the struggle among organisms#struggle

Indigenous- originating in and characteristic of a certain region or country#hereiam

Symbiotic- living in symbiosis#together

Commensalism- a relationship of two species of a plant, animal,etc., in which one lives with,on,or in another without damage#nodamage

Speciesa group of plants or animals that are of the same type#family

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