rabbit eared bandicoot

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rabbit eared bandicoot

Rabbit-Eared Bandicoot

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In Australia, I am the Easter Bilby

Known as the Bilby

Bilbies are fast breeders. The young are born 2 at a time 12 1/2 days after mating. Babies live in the mother's pouch for 9-10 weeks.

The Bilbie is a rat -like animal with a pointed snout. It is 11-32 in. long with an 8 in. tail. It has long ears and superb hearing. It uses its strong clawed feet to dig up earthworms, insects, bulbs, and roots. It is hunted by foxes and wild cats.

The scientific name is Macrotis lagotis.

Bilbies are Marsupials. Their pouch faces backwards to keep out dirt.

The bandicoot live in burrows in the grasslands of Australia & New Guinea. They are solitary animals except when mating.

Orange shows where the Bilby lives in Australia.

Their numbers have decreased because of:Non-Native predators compete for foodChanges in habitats as a result of ranching and farmingSales of Easter Bilbies have helped to finance a program where these animals are fenced in and protectected from predators.

The Bilby is Endangered!

The Bilby was chosen by Australia as the mascot representing endangered species.


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