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Quotes and Analysis

Quotes and Analysis

John Jackson (Prosecutor)As the prosecutor, John Jackson succeeded in displaying bias attitude and illustrating his belief in Willingham's guilt."There was the testimony of Johnny Webb, who had been incarcerated at the same time as Willingham and who testified that Willingham had confessed.""We decided to use his testimony, even though his credibility was subject to attack. We felt that he had no real reason to lie about this particular- what we'd term a jailhouse confession." John Jackson showed the unfairness in the justice system by telling the viewers that he did decide to use the testimony of Johnny Webb, an inmate with a not-so-great credibility. This shows how corrupt the justice system is and how when the prosecutors believe the defendant is guilty, they will use any information against them that they find.

Vicky Prater (Bar Owner)Vicky Prater testified that Todd Willingham, just days after the death of his daughters, was not acting like a parent who had just lost his children. She claims he took interest in darts, which in her (and some others who thought he was guilty) opinion, displays guilt."There's plenty of people walking around in Corsicana, Texas, that if that happened to them today, they would get the benefit of the doubt because they had treated their family in a respectful manner and taken care of them, OK? Todd Willingham had not treated his family in a respected manner, and he didn't get the benefit of the doubt that some people would have." Like Jimmie Hensley, Prater looks into Todd's personality and past and judges him based on what she sees. Vicky Prater sees Todd as a man with a bad past who is not worthy of getting the benefit of the doubt, which in turn means he is going to get harsher treatment in court, which is unfair.

Jimmy Hensley (Police Investigator)During the trial, Hensley produced a very bias behavior. The majority of Hensley's actions made during the time of trial suggested that he was completely against Willingham and believed that he was guilty. "You got to count his actions before and after. You got to count his actions during the fire, and things like that makes the whole story. Not just only little segments of it, it's every bit of the story".Police investigator Jimmy Hensley says this knowing how much of a bad person Willingham was at home, towards his wife and children. He makes this statement with the prior knowledge that he had abused Stacy, along with his inappropriate behavior after the fire. Hensley displays one way in which the justice system is unfair instead of paying attention to the actual case, which in this situation, is a house fire. He considers the personality and past behavior, which is completely irrelevantto the trial and whether Willingham commited arson.



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