Quiana L Peralta

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Quiana L Peralta

I am a Senior at Ashford University. I am double majoring in Applied Behavioral Science and Psychology

I have an amazing husband, three awesome kids and 2 fun loving dogs!

I have enjoyed my time here at Ashford. I have learned a lot in the last three years. I think my favorite and most useful class to date was Lifespan Development. I was able to learn about what goes on at certain ages and why. It put a lot of things in my life (especially in ergards to my children) in focus.

I am studying Applied Behavioral Science because I want to better understand what makes people tick. I currently work for the Department of Social Services along with the YMCA in their Therapeutic Support Services department. I come across a diverse population and just want to better understand them and be able to help them.

Our family is BIG into soccer. As a freshman in High School my oldest son made the Varsity team and is lead scorer for the 2013-2014 season. My daughter Isabelle is a talented singer who recently tried out for the X Factor. My youngest son William is always growing and learning. He has Autism so watching him learn to interact with his peers and get involved in soccer has been so great. My husband drives a tractor trailer truck so we don't see him much, but when he gets home on the weekends we love to cook, go dancing, and play soccer with the kids.

We even named our black and white Rat Terrier Messi, after the famous soccer player!



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