Psychology Gender & Memory

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Psychology Gender & Memory

-Females tend to have stronger short term memory .-On an average, female can memorize more terms than males. -Females out perform males verbal fluency.-Men perform better at visuospatial tasks than women.-Women have a higher face recognition performance than men.

Gender is distinguished by one's physicall appearance, behaviour and mental characteristic.

Gender & Memory

Does gender affect our memory ??

Empirical Studies

Gender Differences in Short-Term Memory

What is Gender

What is short term memory

How does gender affect short term memory

Short term memory is the capacity for holding a small amount of information.

1. Gender Differnces in Short Term Memory (Lauren E. Banks)2. Short Term Memory Based on Gender (Richard Knox, Mathew Bergstein Rahul Seth, Joey Longo Nicholas McElveen,)

-Men tend to have a greater number of neurons in the outer brain than women do.-women tend to have more of the material between neurons that are involved in the connections and processes that communicate between neurons.-Men and women process things in different ways and with different parts of their brains. -Women have slightly better ability then men when it comes to using short term memory to recall facts and words.



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