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What makes Protists differentfrom other kingdoms?

Protists are all microscopic organisms, some but do not contain bacteria, animals, and fungi. They aren't Archebacteria or Eubacteria because they are so complex.


Protists are divided into three groups, animal, plant, and fungi, therefore they each have a different way to obtain food. Animal Protists feed on living things. Plant Protists get food and energy through the process of Photosynthesis. Fungi Protists eat decaying plants and animals, along with living things.

Where are they most often found?

What types of cells do they have?

As said before, Protists are set up into three groups, Animal, Plant, and Fungi Protists. Each group moves a little different than the other. Animal Protists move. Plant Protists do not move, but grow causing them to get bigger and cover surfaces. Fungi Protists move unicellular or they gather together and form a layer of slim that moves across surfaces.

Do they move? If so, how?

The majority of Protists are uni-cellular, which means they have one cell. The rest of Protists are made up of multiple cells, formed together which makes a colony.

What do they eat? How do they get their food?

Protists are most often found in water, mostly at the bottom of the ocean floor, freshwater, and some are free floaters. Not only that, but others are found on the land, and some even are parasites and live inside an animal's body, which can cause diseases in both humans and animals. They can live alone or in groups called colonies.

What are two examples of your species?

-algae-slime mold

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