Promising Practices

by tparkpavcs
Last updated 6 years ago


  • MrsWillits 6 years ago

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    I really enjoyed this glog as not only did you showcase your practices, you used your practices, such as the Voki and GLogster to share this with all of us! Nice!

  • TeacherSavy 6 years ago

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    Hey Tara- this is awesome! Your most promising practices were inspirational! I loved having the Storybird in my classroom too as well as glogging. Thank you for all that you shared and taught us this year! Well done!

  • megansims 6 years ago

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    The Research Paper Tools are so neat! Attending PA Virtual in 2012 must be soooo exciting for our students!! All of these amazing tools and resources! I don't get to use all of them as an FSC, but I'm loving learning about them! Very cool!

  • MrsCimino 6 years ago

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    Awesome! I see you used youtube as the Voki work-around. Good thinking... I expected nothing less from the Glog presenter! :0)

  • dmcmanus 6 years ago

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    You are the Glogster Queen! I love the sound effects and voice you've used. You have much to teach us yet!

  • efreynik 6 years ago

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    Great idea for Storybird. I was sort of stuck all year with what do with this tool. But I could see using it as a follow up activity after teaching something like figurative language. Power library was also a great tool. I felt like my 5th graders were a little hesitant to explore it though. Maybe the 6th graders were a little more comfortable with it?

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