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by Katibell
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Project #9 Glog

School Subjects and the Sexes

Click Me for a Male vs. Female Chart!

Have you ever thought about how different genders specialize to different subjects in school?

Question #1 asked to students: Which subject do you find easier/ prefer, math or science? We surveyed 22 girls. 15 said science, 7 said math. When we surveyed another 14 boys, 11 of them answered science, and only 3 said math. Evidence of male answers can be found in the chart link above, where out of 25 well-known scientists, 6 were girls while 16 were boys. This is one example of a poll that we gave to students.

We did several polls with both students and teachers to gather information and help us show the difference between boys and girls in education.

Click Me for polls given to teachers!!!

You should CLICK ME!! SO you can see document that shows how the movie, Mean Girls relates to how math and science are realted to gender.

Made By: Isabel G, Katie S, Millie F, and Helen S

Click me for insight on Danica McKeller's books!

CLICK HERE to see what another teacher at Julian said about gender biasness

click me for a link on Danica McKellars book; Math doesn't suck

Click Here for more polls! like the one above


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