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My first Glog

This is Dorthea Dix. She is the main person that started the reforme after seeing what life in prison was like.

Fix The Prisons!

Prison Refome1841-1887

Legacy The Prison Reforme had a long lasting impact. It created prisons that were safer for the inmates and gave them better treatment. It gave families with a cild with mental ilness a place that would care for their child. And the biggest impact of all was that it sepereated people of diferent ages and of different crimes.

This reforme had a masive impact. It seperated childeren and adults in jail, it gave a free place for the mentaly disabled to go, and it created a seperet system for debtors so they didn't go straight to jail. It over all improved the quality of life for people in jail and for the people who have family in jail.

Reforme our Prisons

Louis Dwight was another person involved in prison reforme. He was founder of the Boston Prison Diciplen Society.

Today prisoners each have their own prison cell. They have places where they can lounge outside of their prison cells. They have activities that they can do and they are fed three meals a day. Thier quality of life is over all better making jail just a little more bareable.

What they did well

It created free places for people with mental illneses to go.

It Created seperet prisonsand justice proceses for childeren, adults, and debtors.

What they didn't do well

They could have not onlyimproved prison but the justicesystem it's self.

Focusing on crule punishments in prisons and mental hospitals.



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