Precision Reading

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Reading Comprehension

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Precision Reading

Strengths Research-based & CanadianCan buy Alberta CurriculumOnly 5 minutes per dayAssessment is clear and conciseWeaknessesYou have to find the 5 minutes for one-on-oneMust be consistent with 7-10 days in a row on a passage.

Summary of the ProgramPrecision Reading is a research-based, short, daily reading activity designed to improve sight word recognition and the reading fluency and comprehension of students with low reading fluency and comprehension of students with low reading achievement.Precision reading includes the following five components:Core strategy - used at every sessionFormatting procedures - for adapting reading materialsSupport strategies - to help students with cognitive disabilities and very lowreading achievement to access the core strategyComplementary strategies - to enhance, extend, and generalize readingin the classroomComprehension strategies - to support understanding

"Literacy is communication"

Low reading achievement (Year or more below grade level).Improve reading and develop vocabulary in the content areas.Support for emergent readers in conjunction with classroom reading program.

Problems Precision Reading Solves:

What you need to start: Timer, highlighter, marker, passages

Passages are from the Alberta Curriculm (ELA, Social Studies, and Science). You can make your own relevant passages too.

Used in grades1 through 11

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Alberta Curriculum premade passages available for $50 per

CD (3 grade levels per disk).

Precision Reading A Resource by: Dr. Rick Freeze

Passage Reading

Word Practice



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