Powering Las Vegas

by jenniferminou
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Energy & Environment

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Powering Las Vegas

Powering Las Vegas

Our Idea:To create geothermal power plants in Las Vegasto reduce fossil fuel emmisions and to use clean energy to power the city that never sleeps.

Facts:185 billion watts of energy are used anually by Las Vegas-Annual cost of Las Vegas' energy is $15 million as of 2009

Las Vegas is a hot spot for geothermal energy. There are many ideal sites availible where geothermal energy plants can be built. Although Las Vegas is the leading city of solar and geothermal energy in the U.S., over half of the city's energy still comes from fossil fuels. There are still many untapped geothermal energy resources near and in Las Vegas(as shown on the map). If these untapped resources were to be utilized, Las Vegas would greatly reduce its fossil fuel emissions because geothermal energy is a much cleaner and greener.

Geothermal Map of Nevada



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