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Poetry Is....

Who Needs Poetry Anyways?!

Where is Poetry Found?! Everywhere! Music, speeches, haiku, epitaphs, stories, limericks, jokes, rap, adverstisements, religious texts, national anthems, emails, news articles, sonnets, greeting cards, odes, letters, novels, government documents, pamphlets, movies, video games, posters, slogans, tv shows....

Why Poetry Matters:1. It expresses the inexpressible.2. It says a lot with few words.3. It SHOWS you AND TELLS you.4. It transcends text to appeal to ALL the senses.How to Appreciate a Poem:1. Read it OUT LOUD2. Respect the text - observe commas, periods, and stanza breaks3. HEAR the sounds - Alliteration, Assonance, Onomatopoeia4. SEE the Pictures - Imagery, Metaphor, Simile

The last ice cream bar.Seeing mountains for the first time.Coming home.

Sleeping In on a Weekend Morning.Bringing a puppy home for the first time.



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