Poetry Glog Directions

by MrsJeffers
Last updated 4 years ago

Language Arts

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Poetry Glog Directions

First click on Tools and choose your wall.

Fourth, add more text boxes and type your poems. You will need to choose your favorites of the poems you wrote. They will not all fit on one Glog.This is your time to show off!!!

Second, click on Tools again and chose your page. (There's a lot to choose from, isn't there?)

Third, click Tools and chose text to find a text box to use for your title. Once you choose the box, click on the letters on the left to type in the box. You can also change fonts, colors, resize the box and rotate it!

Poetry Glog Projects

Your last step for now is to add decorative graphics to your Glog. Don't add too many because you will add some more when we add sound to these projects. You are going to record yourself reading your poems!(Cool, huh?)

Poetry Analysis

Poetry Analysis



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