[2015] Shawn: Plate Tectonics

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[2015] Shawn: Plate Tectonics

All About Plate TectonicsBy: Shawn Russell

Plate Tectonics is about how the continents (Also know as continental plates) are spreading apart. The plates have been moving for 200 million years. The continents were once one big continent called Panagea.

There are three different types of plate boundaries; Convergent, Divergent, and Transform. (Find out more by clicking on the video on the far left.) The plates move on the lithosphere, one of Earth's layers. The plates move around 3-4 inches per year. If all the plates joined together they woukd fit perfect and almost perfectly together. The study of plate tectonics started to develop in the 1950s. Many things can happen with the plates. If there's a transform boundary a earthquake can happen. At divergent boundaires the plates move away from each other cause magma to flow up and new crust is formed. At convergent boundaires the thinner or denser plate gets pulled under the other plate causing mountains and mountain ranges to form. A convergent boundary can also make volcanoes to appear.


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