Pilgrims Group D 3H

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Pilgrims Group D 3H


By Harrison,SoniaSofia, Logan

Why the Pilgrims Chose Plimothby SofiaThe Pilgrims chose Plimoth for many reasons, some of the reasons are it has fresh water, a high hill that leads to the ocean, has a clear view if any ships come and there are cherry and plum trees that give fruit in the summer and those are the reasons why the Pilgrims choose Plimoth.

The First Thanksgivingby Sonia'The First Thanksgiving was fabulous. It was like winning a prize of food! It was like finding treasure food. They had birds to eat and things to be happy about! People were jolly because it was great! Edward Winslow wrote a primary source to his friend in England. He wrote about all of the food they had. They ate turkey and different birds. The Pilgrims were there and 91 Wampanoag. That’s how it was.

Who Were The Pilgrimsby Logan

Everyday Lifeby HarrisonEvery day life was hard for the Pilgrims. Because they had to do lots of chores. Like milk the cows. And wear seven things. Also it was hard because they had to collect sticks and wear seven things and guard the fort and that is the every day life for the Pilgrims.



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