Photography - Homework Family Portrait

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Photography - Homework Family Portrait

1. ) Take portraits of all of your family members.2. ) Upload images to Google drive for inclass review.

You chose the pose, the lighting and the location. They will love the attention, you will love the grade.

You got a big family, then you better have lots of photos.

Your Assignment:

Photography Homework - the practice that makes you better.

This will teach you to apply what you have learned so far and force you to utilize your skills to the best. This isn't your regular homework assignment. So often you do homework without your parents ever knowing what you are doing. This assignment involves your entire family in your education. Your parents will see the goal of the assignment and help you achieve that goal.

Image of my wife.

Image of my son.

Image of my son.

Image of me.

Image of my son.

Image of my son.

Image of my son.

Differentiation: Not all students may have strong family units. If the student is home alone, they can take portraits of their three closest friends instead of family. It has been the case where students have lived alone for months at a time. Their parents are away on vacation or simply out of the country. This also allows me to identify these at risk students and give the counselor a heads up. This happens all to often.

Objective: Practice taking portraits.

High Impact strategies:1. ) Homework - by involving family we increase the level of performance in the student.2. ) Peer Review - This teaches the student how to accept constructive criticism and how to have conversations about their work.


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