Photography _ Advanced Portrait

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Photography _ Advanced Portrait

As a group we are stronger than we would be individually. Your group will divide the tasks and learn from each others specialty. You will then rotate the roles so that you can learn from your classmate's experience. Be creative and have fun with the assignment. If you are weak in an area, have your team help you. It is a group effort to produce your end products.

Roles:1. Photographer – Handles camera and technical side.2. Make-up Artist – The hard task of painting a flag on a friend.3. Model – Artistic Director – You control the image and what you want it to look like. You must submit the sketch of your plan before you will be given any makeup to work with.

Final Product:Each student will deliver a packet containing four images a credit list and a lesson critique.1. Head shot from previous self-portrait assignment.2. Picture of the flag that represents your nationality.3. Sketch of what you want the make-up to look like. This can be done digitally, but it must be done before you will be given make-up.4. Final Portrait with make-up of flag on your face.5. Credits Page – Who did what.6. Critique of what should be added to the assignment description to make it easier. Basically, feedback on what you think I left out and should have included.

Reference Material: Blush “Warrior” Video – At the end of the Blush video you see the Blush girls decorated in makeup that reflects their nations’ flags. You are going to recreate this portrait technique for your own team. Each team will consist of three members.

Objective: To create a portrait of a person that reflects their nationality.

“Good artists create. Great artists steal.”-Pablo Picasso then Steve Jobs

High Impact Strategies - Collaborative Learning

Photography - Advanced Portrait Assignment

You will divide the tasks so that each person has done at least one role. You will produce three portraits for each team. This requires that each of you be a photographer, make-up artist and model at least once. I suggest the first portrait each person takes their strongest area. The others can then learn from their strength and add it to their own efforts when it is their turn. The goal is to learn outside of your comfort area. All students will have different levels of performance. This will allow the stronger students to help the weaker students rise.

Materials: Canon DSLR Professional Lighting – 2 Light Stands Black, White, Grey and Green screen background. Stage Make-up Face cleaning supplies Any items you may wish to include in the composition.


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