Philosophy Through TV series

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Philosophy Through TV series

The cover of this book is entirely red, the game of colors you have with your writing and one design that we find at the center of the cover.   At the center of the cover there is an image, very hilarious. The image depicts a Hellenistic spirit cup with the inside of the popcorn that is very much current.  The Greek cup symbolizes the philosophy that is something old but continues to fascinate man, while ipop-corn is the symbol of TV series and cinema.  Also a connection with popcorn can also be found with the definition that the author of himself, or pop-philosopher. In the fifth chapter Hobbes is invited to spend a day in the park of Westworld, after having been nervous about having watched the entire TV series "Game of Thrones" as it was this series recalled his England divided into 7 states and shocked by the civil war.  This because he was not a strong state to satisfy his subjects, as Hobbes had conceived in Leviathan.  Just starting from his writing, the author assumes that Hobbes is happy to pass a day at Westworld, which is a park inhabited by androids that are commanded by its creator. Androids enjoy the same feelings as human beings, so I'm against one with the other, for their supremacy or for their own interests.  Hobbes says "A man is a wolf rather than a man to another man, when he hasn't yet found out what he's like." that it means that everyone is wolf than the other man, just because there is a tendency to do so apply the interests on the rest;  That's why it comes in contrast and triggers a continuous one conflict ending only thanks to the help of the rules that are the basis of a state.  Here the creator of androids intervenes who decides what to see androids themselves and succeeds subjugate their consciences by erasing the memory and reprogramming the ' android whenever something bad happens.  Hobbes feels close to the government of Westworld because that's exactly what he had supposed.  How many states are done and wanted by subject, but the real power is to control what to show their subjects to or not avoiding the uprising, as in Westworld.

"PHILOSOPHY through TV SERIES": an E-CLIL approach.


After reading the book you will understand that philosophy and TV series are on the same page!

Hobbes says " man is  wolf to man ",  which means that everyone is a wolf to other men for the sake of one’s own interest. This is the origin of all conflicts, which end only when rules are set as the basis of a state. In Westworld the head programmer of androids decides what they can see. By doing so he subjugates their consciences  erasing their memory and reprogramming their heads whenever something bad happens. Hobbes is related to  Westworld because what happens in the TV series is very similar to what the philosopher thinks.  States  are wanted by the subjects, but the real power is to control what to show to the subjects in order to avoid  uprisings, just like in Westworld.



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