Philosophy through TV series

by GrecoLenti
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Philosophy through TV series


Coming soon to a bookstore near you: Philosophy and TV series go hand in hand in Ariemma's book!

In Chapter 7 of “Philosophy through TV series”, the author Tommaso Ariemma associates the excommunicated philosopher Spinoza with the eccentric pope Pius XIII played by Jude Law in the TV series The Young Pope, directed by Oscar-winning Paolo Sorrentino. Rather than a good choice in terms of analogy, this may seem an antithetical pair, in which the philosopher symbolizes the evil of the Church and the pope the good of it. However, the author highlights the analogies between the two figures.Both are eclectic, extravagant and revolutionary in terms of ideas and behaviour. Spinoza was excommunicated owing to his ideas. But then, how come the Pope, head of the Roman Catholic Church, quotes the excommunicated Spinoza? That’s enough to make popes turn over in their graves!In addition, love is a cause of inner turmoil for them both and in order to avoid it, they prevent themselves from falling in love. In conclusion, Ariemma’s idea of associating Spinoza with Pope Pius XIII is a good one as there are lots of analogies between them, even though, if you look at it superficially, one may seem to be the antithesis of the other.




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