Philosophy Through TV series

by MancarellaNuzzo
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Philosophy Through TV series

"PHILOSOPHY through TV SERIES": an E-CLIL approach.

Look at the cover of the book: a Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Introducing his book Tommaso Ariemma says that TV series are useful for teaching civics, and I agree with him. I’ve learnt a lot about politics from “Game of Thrones”, for example. The conclusion of the second chapter of the book has really impressed me. It’s about a “Black Mirror” episode: “The Waldo moment”. Waldo is a cartoon bear in a TV program, he comically interviews politicians. Jamie, the performer of the cartoon bear, decides to make Waldo enter the ongoing election. He wants to get public attention as Waldo has become very popular and people see him as a good alternative to politicians. The author warns us about the dangers of democracy, just as Plato did more than two thousand years ago. The Greek philosopher is not totally in favour of democracy because it allows anyone to vote, even those who lack competences and judgement. As Jamie says, the most popular video on YouTube is about a dog farting the theme tune to Happy Days. So Plato would suggest not voting for our “Waldos”, distrusting populists for their false promises and misleading speeches.




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