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Health Care Crisis

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"Mad Money" Stocks

Different Views on The Health Care Crisis

No. 10: Buy a stock that is a stock for the future. Call it your nontech hope stock, he said. No. 9: Pick a retailer, preferably a regional retailer that still has plenty of growth ahead. No. 8: You need some technology to have a diversified portfolio. Intel (INTC) would be a good start. No. 7: You need a cyclical name. Dow Chemical (DOW), Deere (DE), Caterpillar (CAT) and Boeing (BA) are examples. No. 6: Own a secular stock -- a soft-goods stock such as Procter & Gamble (PG), a Kellogg (K) or a Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). No. 5: Own one speculative stock. Something you think is a winner, though. You have to do your homework on this one. No. 4: Hold one financial. Own your local bank. Cramer owns Commerce Bancorp (CBH), a regional bank near his home. No. 3: Own a brand-name blue chip. No. 2: Oils. A must-have. They're consistent performers. And they have high yields. And the No. 1 tenet in Cramer's tool kit: Pick a company that you know. You want to have an edge. Perhaps one of your pals works there. Local knowledge gives an investor an edge.

Cramers Top 10 Rules



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