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Persuasive TechniquesPersuasive Techniques




Convinces you that EVERYONE is buying a product or voting for a candidate.

Shows a picture that creates a positive emotion like happiness, peace, or fun. The goal is to get the viewer to TRANSFER that feeling to the product.

This ad technique tries to make the competing product or products look bad.

Card Stacking - Shows the good aspects of a product but hides or plays down the bad. Drug companies use this technique.

PLAIN FOLK - Uses Ordinary People

TESTIMONIAL - Using a famous person or group, whether real or fictitious, to endorse or support a product, candidate, or idea.

FEAR- Uses tactics that cause people to be fearful of not buying something or not doing something because bad things could happen.

GLITTERING GENERALITIES-uses words that sound positive, but have vague or little meaning. Sometimes called LOADED WORDS.

Repetition-Repetition-Repetition-Repetition- This technique repeats a word or phrase over and over to get people to remember it and hopefully buy their product.

EMOTIONAL APPEAL - this ad technique plays on a person's emotions, whether it is happiness, fear, pride etc. to get them to choose a product, candidate or idea.

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