Personal Hygiene

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Personal Hygiene

-Skin is your largest organ.-It has 10million cells.-It is a waterproof shield.-You should wash it everyday.-Skin allows you to feel pressure, temperature and pain.-Dandruff is dead skin in your hair.-You should also watch it everyday.-Your hair protects your head from being cold or sunburned.-Lice go in your hair and suck your blood. They're very itchy.-Brush your hair so it won't be tangled.

Personal Hygiene

-Eyes focus on light to give the brain a picture.-Retina has nerve cells that sends signals to the brain through optic nerve.-Pupil is the dark opening at the center of the iris.-Don't ever share eye makeup it could spread germs.-Cateracts is an eye condition wher the lens clouds as the person ages.-The Stirup is the smallest bone in the body. It's smaller than a grain of rice.-Stirup picks up sound and 30,000 hairs respond.- Noises above 85 decibals can damage your ear.-A normal conversation is 60 decibals.-Wash your ears to keep them clean and healthy.

Eyes & Ears

ByElla Rios

-You get your first tooth after 8 months.-You have all your teeth once you are 3 years old.-You have 32 permanent teeth by the time you are 18 years old.-You should brush your teeth in the morning and afternoon for 2 minutes.-Plaque is a thin sticky film that builds up on teeth and leads to tooth decay.


-Washing your hands with soap/water is better than using Purrel but if there is no soap/water you should use Purrel.-Cuticle is the skin around your nail and toenails-Hangnail is a split in culticle near fingernail edge.-Ingrown toenails are when a toenail pushes too far inside the skin.-When you wash your hands wash underneath your fingernails.


Skin & Hair


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