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PD assignment



It is estimated that 3,000 people will be killed and 350,000 will be injured in cell phone related car accidents this year.

Dozens of states ban drivers from using cell phones while driving. Other States allow only hands-free devices while the car is in motion. Soon, Iowa Legislatures may push for laws which would fully or partially ban cell phone use while driving.

By accepting personal responsibility and individually choosing NOT to text while driving, we are helping Build a Better Community for everyone.

^^major accident, caused by texting while driving.

Research to be released today shows 58 per cent of motorists aged 17 to 29 would read a text message, or SMS, while driving. One-third of drivers under 30 felt they could safely take their eyes off the road to send a text message or talk on the phone.And if they couldn't manage to send the message while driving, traffic lights provided the perfect texting opportunity for more than 30 per cent of young drivers

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