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Vocational & Technology

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• Working out of Jobs’ bedroom, the duo designed the Apple I, and later moved to Jobs’ garage to build the prototype.

Education:•Cupertino Middle School and Homestead High School, both in Cupertino, California, Jobs spent his free time attending lectures at the Hewlett-Packard Company in Palo Alto.•He dropped out of Reed College in Portland, Oregon after just one semester, but continued to attend classes in philosophy, physics, and literature for another year.

Steve Jobs

February 24, 1955

The company manufactories computers, ipads, iphones, and ipods. It is technology based. It also makes most common used tech.

What the company does?

First Location:

HistoryDate Started: April 1, 1976Money: Jobs sold his Volkswagen van while Wozniak sold his programmable calculator. With $1,300 in capital, the pair created Apple Company and within weeks, they were taking orders.How he came up with the idea?Jobs was 21 years old when his life began to take a significant turn. It was then that he saw a computer that Wozniak had designed for his own personal use. Jobs was so impressed with the product that he convinced Wozniak to market the computer, with his help of course.

Failures/ Challenges:•He faced Cancer.•He dropped out of college.•In 1986, Jobs was fired from his own company and later came back because they needed him.

Lesson #1: Connect The DotsLesson #2: Don’t SettleLesson #3: Seize The DayLesson #4: Stay Ahead Of The PackLesson #5: Think In Broad Terms



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