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I dreamed I stood in a studioand watched two sculptors there.The clay they used was a young child's mindand they fashioned it with care.One was a teacher:the tools she used were books, and music, and art.One was a parent:with a guiding hand, and a gentle, loving heart.Day after day the teacher toiledwith a touch that was loving and sure.While the parent laboured by her sideand polished and smoothed it soome more.And when at last their task was done,They were proud of what they'd wrought.For the things they had put into the childcould neigher be sold nor bought.And each agreed they would have failedif they had worked alone.For behind the parents stood the school,and behind the teacher stood the home.- Cleo V. Swarat

Middle Schools and Parents Joining Forces: A resource for teachers and parents

For Teachers:- Check out my blog on this topic- Further ideas for engaging parents in your classroom

For Parents:- Check out my parenting blog on this topic- Further ideas for becoming involved in your children's education

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