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p2 sharzia


Normalisation would be used for the data be minimized, by this I would mean making the data or minimize the data redundancy, the table must be divded in two, the table must be having a realtionship beetwen them, the obejctvive must be to isoloate the data, the reason for this is because deletions, modifcations and additions can be put into one table. there are three main normal forms, this would be 1st normal form, 2nd normal form and 3rd normal form.

Logical data modelling

the data model would have to depend on the structure of the data model, the typical applications of the data models would include database models, design of the information systems, the exchange of the data. the reason why data models would be used is because how they would be defined to analyze data requirements to support the business.

the data requirments would be recorded as a conceptual data model, with associated data defintions, the conceptual data model would be known has concepts of a data model map. the logical data modelling would also show the abstract structure of some domain information, most of time they would be diagrammatic in nature, majority of time used in business processes.

when it would be validated and also apporved, the logical data would become the basis of a physical data model, when the process would happen it would inform the design of the database, the physical data model would be a representation for data design, this would take into the account facilities and also the constraints can be given to the databse management system.



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