Oro en Colombia

by NewtonProfesora
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Oro en Colombia

"In 1945 the department of El Chocó was created; it was the first predominantly Black political-administrative division. El Chocó gave Black people the possibility of building a Black territorial identity and some autonomous decision-making power. Very powerful people in the national government, though, were determined to see the destruction of the new political-administrative unit. Therefore, El Chocó was not given very much attention by the national government, and was instead characterized by a constant pattern of displacement and natural resource exploitation, which continues to this day."

El Chocó: The African Heart of Colombia

"We are now the military targets of the armed actors, especially the paramilitaries, who are committing most of the massacres against our population and are displacing them from their traditional ancestral lands in rural and urban areas, to defend their economic interests. The massacres have become a common occurrence in El Chocó and the Pacific Region."

"Access to education, health care, and countless other basic human needs continues to be extremely limited due to governmental neglect and discrimination. In addition to those serious social problems, the cruelty of the armed conflict has now reached our region, making this situation even more unbearable."


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