Online Safety

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Online Safety

Protecting Ourselves Online

It is important to be safe and responsible when we are online!

Never chat to anyone online that you do not know.

If you use Facebook, Tumbler, Flickr, Instagram or any social media tool- Switch your accounts to private so only your friends can see what you post.

Never share your private details or photos. Use only your first name, never reveal where you live or your phone number!

Only accept people onto your profiles if you know them.

Use a nickname and an avatar.

REPORT abuse, block, tell your parents, teacher, adult or the police if you are feeling scared online.

Never use the internet alone in your room, always be supervised by an adult.

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By Grade 5/6ACPS


  • suqvrggtf 6 years ago

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    This glog has really helped me and i'm sure everyone in the class how dangerous cyberbully and onlineworld is like.