Online Learning in Secondary Education

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by EllenEmBeth
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  • StephJenLan 2 years ago

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    I really enjoyed your graphic in the middle of your Glog (Why Do Students Fine Online Learning Attractive?) I believe it not only summarized the positives for all students very nicely and succinctly, but it also fit very well with the concepts in your video.
    The quote that you added about time management being important for students in middle and high school is one of my favorite because it is so true. I agree that online school help students with this skill tremendously where as in brick and mortar schools we sometimes fail our students in this area. In traditional schools we are always around and in my school we are told that we can always accept work late and students get a grade of a 55% if it is turned in no matter the time fame. I think this hinders their ability to be good time managers, but in online schools I feel this would not be as much of an issue.

    Stephanie Rush

  • TiffanyBlisard 2 years ago

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    I enjoyed reading the article about online learning through a math perspective. One part that stuck out to me was the fact that not all teachers are prepared for teaching in an online format. I completely agree. I was not fully prepared to teach in a cyber school when I was first hired. Our orientation program was about 2 weeks and it was grueling learning all of the new technology including an introduction on coding in html, at such a fast pace. It is more than just posting math problems for students to solve and using web 2.0 tools. The virtual manipulative library they mention in the article is a great tool for math online learning. I also liked the part that discusses keeping students on task using highly motivational topics for learning. I agree with the quote you selected to highlight in your Glog from the article by Thomas. Time management is definitely a valuable skill that students gain from working in an online course. This is a skill that will help them as they progress in their schooling and in t

  • TiffanyBlisard 2 years ago

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    ...and in their future careers. Being efficient and effective will come from time spent problem solving and learning time management.

  • CaseyBoChris 2 years ago

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    Fantastic job! I have really enjoyed all of these Glogs and learning how they are so much alike as it pertains to the missions. I particularly enjoyed your article which stated, "As of 2006, according to the North American Council on Online Learning, 38 states had established either state-led online learning, or policies regulating online learning, or both." That is very promising for our future learners. As I stated in another Glog's comment, this method of learning is fantastic for students in rural areas/not pleased with their school district and also students who may not otherwise be able to attend a 'brick and mortar' school i.e. pregnant teens. I can't wait to see how public online education progressed over the next number of years! Great job! Christina Gordy

  • rdroyer29 2 years ago

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    I am a proponent of differentiated education to meet the unique needs of students. In one of my past lives, I was certified in gifted education and spent several years teaching in a gifted education program in a high school in Delaware. One of the affordances of online education is that it can allow gifted learners to forge ahead and even take a few detours along the way. This can free up teachers to focus on at risk students, who often do not thrive in the online environment. Dr. Royer

  • CaseyBoChris 2 years ago

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    I really enjoyed your video for a few reasons. In the video I found one of the first pros to online learning was "travel costs" to be funny partially because I've been living on campus for 6 years and it seems like a no brainer! (I live and learn in the same place so why not in high school?) I also agreed with what they said about "pace" sometimes in high school setting they have different class levels but at the end of the day some things click with some and not with others. Online learning really has the power to let people shape how they learn. Usually when I think of online learning I'm always afraid "I'm gonna miss something" because I'm not there in person. I'm now seeing that many schools lay everything out to avoid this issue. -Casey C.

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