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Olivia Sharp

Olivia Sharp is an agent of secrets. She helps people with what they need and want. She is there when it's bad or good. Everyone calls Olivia when they need help, They know she can solve anything. This time she helps a girl named Desiree. Desiree want's to be princess of the school. Olivia knows that her school doesn't need a princess, So Olivia tells that to Desiree. At the end, Desiree still feels like a princess. Olivia saves the day agian! CASE CLOSED!!!!!!!

Olivia Sharp is a very helpful person.She's a good secret keeper and can help you with anything.She helps people with her company she created.She has two people working for her.She had a maid and a limo driver.In this book she helps her friend from school,Desiree be a good person instead of being a princess.

My favorite part of the book is when Desiree feels good about being a good person. Its my favorite part because it tells you being everything isn't the best! I like it also because it is a good ending.