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Of Mice and Men is a novel about two ranch workers. These two men were ranch workers during the Great Depression in California.

Of Mice and Men

By: Bekkah Fernandez

Lennie's unintelligent and mental disabilities make the two boys struggle on the farm. An example is when Lennie got his puppy from one of the ranch workers named slim. He ends up squishes it by accident. This led to him frantically drying to cover the dead corpse and blood. This starts a whole domino effect. This effect has a tragic ending that tells the strength of friendship and betrayal.

Lennie: Lennie has an obsession in petting animals. Also very early in the novel you figure out he has mental problems Lennie is a very large and awkward man. He does not know his strength and tends to squish the animal. In the book we have man examples like dead mice that he pets. Also very early in the novel you figure out he has mental problemsGeorge: George is like Lennie's older brother . George is a small, wiry, man with distinct features. He looks after Lennie, and believes that this will keep them strong working on the ranch. He believes that there isn't many people you can trust, and he knows they will stick together.


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