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Begin your unit with building content knowledge of Aquatic Biome. Introduce characteristics of aquatic biome (include locations) Basic Ocean FactsTeacher Resources (Activites) Continue lesson with providing students with the idea that the ocean provides a great deal of food resources. EX: Create a menuInformation of food resources Unit should include a lesson that teaches the diversity of marine life. Emphsize on characteristics of marine life. EX: create a bulletin board that recreates an ocean scene.Marine Life and its Characteristics (resources) Include the study of coral reefs, emphasizing on the role that they play in all aspects of life on earth. This can done through lecture or activies Activities for coral reef lesson The unit should end by teaching students what kind of conservation efforts they can practice. This can be done through activites such as water clean-up or through written activies or lectures. The Cousteau Society


A teachers guide to everything you need to know about oceans"

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5 Day Unit: Lessons

Unit Overview:

Lesson 1: Ocean Facts: Identifying and labeling Oceans Lesson 2: Ocean: Food SourceLesson 3: Recreate Ocean SceneLesson 4: Coral ReefsLesson 5: Taking care of our Oceans



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