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What happens when a strange obsession turns into murder? What happens when a helpless friend, tries to put the peices together?What happens when a girls time may run out before the puzzle is complete?

After grabbing Nathan's cell phone from his bedroom, I rushed back home. I had spent too much time in the room where we had always were. I felt the hole in my heart ripping open, wider and wider, with every memory of him. I now was on my way into the school, I had forgotten about the cell phone until I had awoken this morning. I hadn't thought to grab the charger and now it was almost dead. I better figure out who he had talked to before it died. Quickly flipping the Razor open and going to his most recent calls. The only recent one was from a few days ago. Just like the girl had told me. It was a number that wasn't in his phone, so it had no name to it. I quickly hit the little green button with my thumb. Calling it, hoping to get an answer or maybe even a voicemail message. It rang for a few more moments before I heard a phone ringing in the hand of someone a couple of paces in front of me. Glancing up as the woman answered her phone; "Hello?" The same voice echoed in my ear and I felt my gut split into two.



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