Nuclear Medicine Technologist

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Nuclear Medicine Technologist

In order to be a nuclear medicine technologist, you need an associate or bachelor degree in nuclear medicine and a 12 month certificate form a nuclear medicine technology program.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist earn $32.96 per hour and $68,560 per year.

Nuclear Medicine Tech.

Work in a clean environment with little chance of radiation.

A Nuclear Medicine Technologist uses a scanner to create images of a patients body and prepare radioactive drugs and give them to patients causing parts of the body to look different on the image.

Medical insurace is provided. As you get more experienced and your pay will increase.

A nuclear medicine technologist needs to have ongoing education. They need to have a technology backround, so they can create 3-D images of the body.

If you find that you would enjoy this job please take a flyer and call this number. (828) 123-4567

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