Norms and Procedures

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Norms and Procedures

1. Tardy policy - If you are late to class you will lose a minimum of 10% on the class assignment of the day. This will appear as a negative value in the gradebook until work is turned in and graded. However many minutes you are late will be the percentage you lose on the grade. 30 minutes late for a 60 minute class is 50% off the grade.2. Missed Work: You must coordinate for missed work on the day that you return. You may not be required to do the work that day, but you must meet and coordinate on the first day you are back in order to receive credit for the assignment. Late work will be penalized by 10% per class period if no coordination visit performed.

Norms and Procedures

3. Electronic devices. - Use of unapproved electronic devices is strictly prohibited. You may ask permission to use an electronic device, but if no such permission is granted and a device is being used it will be confiscated.-Link to school policy in Student Handbook-Thai Cell Phone policy

4. If you need to use the restroom you must sign out and sign back in when you return. To falsify this record will forfit all restroom privileges. If you are repeatedly needing to go to the restroom you will be sent to the nurse, it could be a sign of a bladder infection.-More about Bladder infections

-Signs of a bladder infection


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