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Students, Welcome Back! A "groovy" year is headed your way, dig it?

Room: F312Conference time: 9:00- 10:00Email: cgoff@magnoliaisd.orgTutorials: Tuesdays from 7:00-7:20

My name is Mrs. Cherae Goff, and I am a University of Houston Cum Laude graduate. Go Cougars! I received my Bachelor of Science degree in education in 1993 and have enjoyed many years of teaching. 1993 was a "big" year because along with graduation I was married to my husband Jordan, and we have two children. I taught science and language arts at Navasota Jr. High for four years, but I have been at B.B.J.H. since 1998. Even though I live in Spring, Magnolia is my home away from home. I feel so lucky to have found such a great school. I am looking forward to having a "groovy" year, so be ready to think, learn, create, and have some fun.

Late work can be turned in the next day for the highest grade of a 70. If the student does not have the assignment the following day, the maximum a student can receive is a fifty. Please encourage your child to take full advantage of the advisory class period.

G et to class on time!R aise your hand before being called on to speak.O rganize and be prepared for class.O perate with complete attention.V alue yourself and those around you!Y ield to success!

ON-LEVEL PRE-AP51% Major grades 60% Major grades34% Daily grades 25% Daily grades15% Nine weeks 15% Nine weeks tests tests

Meet the teacher:


Late Work

Classroom Rules

5 subject spiralpencil bagtextbook

1) Warning2) Student conference/ lunch d-hall3) Parent conference4) Referral


Teacher Contact

Language Arts Mrs. Goff

Bear Branch Jr. High School

Supplies Needed:

Test Grade The 7th grade language arts teachers are encouraging students to read outside of class and to use their library time effectively. The tracker will be kept by the teacher and the following will be checked during each library visit:*Library book in Class *No Fines*Following the Rules/ Behavior*Reading/ Checkout/ Research*GenreStudents who score 90 and above on this assignment will be invited to a library movie showing during their language arts class period.

Library Tracker



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