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adopted by: programming communitiesmeaning: to understand something so completely, "the observer becomes a part of the process being observed"coined by: Robert A. Heinlein in 1961opposite: kludge - meaning non-optimal solution


coined by: gaming communitiesmeaning: to beat someone so completely, it contains a hint of humiliationbegan life: as a typo for "own" as players typed fast whilst participating in frantic onscreen action

interesting overlap: "gaming and hacking communities have always overlapped, and pwn in hacker jargon was soon being used to signify successfully taking over a target computer"

derivation: Old French estiquette meaning a label or ticketearliest ref: 1995 memo from Intel Corporation as a "minimum set of guidelines for network etiquette (Netiquette)?"meaning shifted: from attempt at prescription to a description of online social norms

coined by: Social mediameaning: to lie down like a plank and get a friend to take your photo similar: batmanning (hanging upside down photo), coning (involves ice creams)not new phenomenon: In 1920s horsemanning was a staged photo of headless body after Washington Iriving story about a headless horseman




coined by: Richard Dawkins 1976 from Greek mnemeadopted by: internet culturemeaning: "uniquely contemporary class of object of popular cultural flotsam. "Gene pool for thoughts and beliefs"spawned: other neologisms such as lolcat

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