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Inuit LifeEmma Stafford

Traditional Culture DescriptionInuit life is tough, but traditional. The deit mostly consists of artic meat such as whales, fish and seals because of cold weather. Inuit people used to use harpoons and a bow. Shelter changes with the seasons. They have animal skin tents in summer and whale bone underground houses in the winter. Stories and songs are also sung about the hunt.

Summary of Creation StoryRaven created the world and the waters with his wings. He could change from bird to a man, by lifting up his beak, like it was a mask. He planted pea-pods, and after 5 days, a man popped out. Raven brought food to the man saying, These berries will grow all over for you. The man was even more hungry, Raven made sheep out of clay. He made many more animals, just out of the mans reach so that he wouldn't eat them all and a huge bear so the man would have somting to fear. After a while, Raven noticed that the man was lonely. Raven then made a woman to be his companion. Soon ravens world was filled with sounds, unlike before.

Gods and GoddessesAKYCHA: Sun godALIGNAK: Moon godNANOOK: Bear godIGNIRTOQ: Lightning godessIDLIRAGIJENGET: Sea godessTricksterRaven

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