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AztecMYTHOLOGYBy Dallin Sweeney

- Clothes, cloaks, feather hats, and skull maskes during rituals or war.- Food, beans, beans, and more beans with occasional corn.- Rituals, the Aztecs threw people off their temples or carved out their hearts.- Climate, the Aztec climate was like a rain forest, and a little bit of desert.

The Sun rebirth creation story is how the Aztecs believe the world was created, destroyed, and reborn over and over again 5 times. The creation god created himself and was life and death, start and finish, male and female, being both male and female gave the god the ability to have children. Then after time it is all destroyed and the creation god makes all of it again.

Creation Summary



Tezcatlipeca - god of night and diety.

Quetzalcoatl - god of civilization and learning.

Tonantiz - Mother goddess.

BRAAAI am Tlatecuhtli the sea monster!

I am Hutzilopochtlithe chief god of the sunand WAR!

Huehuecoyotl is the trickster and shape shifting god. He never dislikes a party and Huehecoyotl is friendly torwards humans and fellow gods but always has a good trick up his sleeve!


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Mixcoatl - Mixcoatl means "Cloud Serpent". He is the god of hunting.


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