My World by Ana Dobrić

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My World by Ana Dobrić

Me and my world

My family is my mum, my dad and my two cats Luna and Zivka. I don´t have a brother or sister.

My family

My home

My home is a flat inPresernova 40, in Valjevo.It´s on the second floorand it has got two bedrooms,a living room, a kitchen and abathroom.

My school

My school is ˝Andra Savicic˝.It´s a very big schoolwith about 1000 students.I´m in year 5 and my favouriteteacher is the Maths teacher.

My friends

My friends are Milica, Dunja,Jana and Milan. They´re all atat the same school as me. Dunja, Jana and Milan are in the sameyear as me and Milica is in year 6.

My favourite sports

My favourite sports are football and volleyball. I´m good at volleyball but I´m terrible at football.

By: Ana Dobric



Me and my mom

Me and Milica

Me and Jana

My school



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