My School (Poem Book)

by Glinda10
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My School   (Poem Book)

In the hallways I hear lots of feet Everyone talking As the bell goes "Ring" As i am working I see out of my eye Lots of people jerking When supposed to be Working

Figurative LanguageThe Figurative Language I used in this poem is called onomatopea. Onomatopea means the actual sound of an object... Makes sound words of an object. The onomatopea used in stanza 1 is " As he bell goes "Ring"

Sensory Words Sensory Words are words/adjectives pertaining to the 5 senses- Sight, Hear, Smell, Touch, and Taste. Sensory words used in Stanza 1 I hear lots of feet

StanzasStanzas are a group of lines in a poem. Some poems may only have 1 stanza, others maybe 10. Example of a stanza.I sit on a stumpWatch wind through treesSeeing all my friends Just shooting the breeze.

Imagery (Pictures)Imagery is a fancy word for pictures. The author uses Imagery to try to get the reader to create a picture in their mind from what they have just read.

LinesLines are the things that make up stanzas that make up poems. Books have lines too, they are only being in paragraphs. Ex. of a line. I see out of my eye.

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