My Poems for English :D

by ma3ry
Last updated 8 years ago

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My Poems for English :D

Haiku poemThe Pretty Cheetah,ran fast in the savannah,I hope it stops soon!


I am poem.....I am Positive and Confident I wonder how heaven looksI hear soft breathingI see people laughingI want to travel around the worldI am Positive and ConfidentI pretend that i cook wellI feel sad for my dad that he works alot I touch my sweet loving dogI worry when my mom cries about my dead uncleI cry in moviesI am Positive and ConfidentI understand lifeI say my prayers each dayI dream of being a BillionairI try to get good gradesI hope I'll live a lotI am Positive and Confident

There once was a cheetah from Madascargas,It lives in a dirty car,It used to be fast,Now it's in a cast,So it's stuck in a cell bar!!!!!!

There once was a crystalball,That lived in a mall,A kid ran,Then it fell in a can,Now it's a dirty old ball!!:D

Limebrick poem

I like animalsEspecially colorful But not gray and black



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