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My Personal Record

-autoimmune disease: a condition in which the immune system mistakenly attacks itself, targeting the cells, tissues and organs of a persons body- Arthritis: a group of more than 100 different diseases that cause pain -osteoarthritis:a disease of the joints in which cartilage breaks down- rheumatoid arthritis: a disease characterized by the debilitating destruction of the joints due to inflammation- disability: any physical or mental impairment that limits normal activity-

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vocab: -Non communicable disease: a disease that is not transmitted by another person, a vector, or the enviornment.- Cardiovascular disease: a disease that affects the heart or blood vessels.- Hypertension: high blood pressure- Atherosclerosis: the process in which plaques accumulate on artery walls- Angina pectoris: a chest pain that results when the heart does not get enough oxygen.- Arrhythmias: irregular heart beats- Cancer: the incontrollable growth of abnormal cross- Tumor: an abnormal mass of tissue that has no natural role in the body- biopsy: the removal of a small piece of tissue for examination - remission: a period of time when symptoms dissapear- histamines: chemicals that can stimulate mucus and fluid production in an area - asthma: an inflammatory condition in which the small airways in the lung become narrowed, causing difficulty in breathing

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Non communicable diseases

by: Taylor Salmon


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