My ideal home by Neda Milivojevic

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My ideal home by Neda Milivojevic

My ideal home

When it comes to fantasizing about your dream home, a lot of people would claim that their ideal house is a house on the beach, in the mountains... But when it comes to a rebelious young soul like mine, a penthouse in NY city is an ideal solution.

Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition.

There is a difference between a home and a house. Although, the Young fancy material possesions, luxury suites, expensive furniture, home isn't about that.Home is about people you love, where they are, that's where your home is. You can be thousands of miles away, but when you come back, you'll know it's where you belong, you can feel it, home isn't rooms and diamond chandeliers, home is a condition of safety.

As for the ideal house, i would like it to have a lot of spacious rooms decorated with artistic but modern windows. It would all be black, white and red, I like the simplicity of these colors. The house would have a huge balcony, with a swimming pool in the middle, with a beautiful view on the city, in which I can enjoy with the people I love. That house will make me feel protected and would put me in a good mood whenever I'm in it.

When it comes to neighbours the less - the better. I find privacy essential. Peace is crucial.

Photos taken from google photos.

Inside of the house will be light and spacious. It will have two floors, I would like to decorate it with artistic photos, vases. Living room would have huge a TV placed in the middle of the room , white sofas and next to them a piano. Bedroom darker than the other rooms, red/black king size bed , and huge windows with long curtains across the bed.



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