My ideal home by Ana

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My ideal home by Ana

My ideal home

Ideal home is the place built with your own hands, dreams and imagination.It should represent your character, emotions and goals.

Since I am not such a big fan of curious neighbours, I would like my house to be unapppealing for others...

...but warm and cozy for me and my family.

I am attracted to cities in which everything is available, but only if they are small and quiet..

That city, which is the most important, has to be suitable for bringing up my children one day...

I imagine my living room with bright walls, simple dark furniture, a big TV, a lot of books and an amazing view...

Just as the rest of the house, my office should be small, plain and functional.If my dreams come true, I will have to spend a lot of time there...

The thing I am looking foward the most is a king sized bed and room with no light, where I can sleep as much as I want..

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Garden mustn't be ordinary and it has to be big enough for dogs I am going to have one day.



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