My Experiment - Water and Slime Experiment

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My ExperimentWater and Slime Experiment

*cornflour 4 spoons*hot water 15 ML*Water 15 ML*ice water 15 ML*stopwatch*3 small containers*food coloring

Materials (What I need to complete the experiment?)

Priya Surana

I predict that hot water will make slime first when it mixes with cornflour.

Hypothesis(My prediction)

What makes slime quiker ice water or hot water?

My Question (What I want to find out?)

*Put equal amount in each container.* Add equal amount of food coloring in each container. *Pour hot water in one container and observe for 5 mintes . *Pour water in the second container and observe.*Put ice in the third container and observe.

Procedure(What did I do?)

Hot water and water made a little slime but ice did not .

Observations(What happened?)

My experiment looked more like a suspentsion . The reason could be I used more water and less cornflour

My conclusions(What I know now)

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