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My Dream

My Dream

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My Ideal Life--10 Years from NowWork: --What do you do for a living? --Do you like what you do for a living? --Where does your work take you? --Do you travel in your job? --What kind of perks do you have?Money: --How much money are you making every year? --How much money do you have in the bank? --What type of investments do you have your money invested in?Health: --Are you healthy in the future? --How much do you weigh? --Do you exercise? --How much do you exercise? --Do you exercise every day? --What exercises do you do? --What does your body look like? --Are you muscular? --Are you lean? --Are you both?Family: --Are you married? --Do you have a family? --How many in your family? --How is your ideal future family doing in life?Home: --What does your house look like? --Describe each room. --Describe your back yard, your porch, your garden, etc.Relationships: --Do you have a lot of friends? --How many? --Describe your friends. --What are they like? --What do they do for a living? --Do you know any famous people? --Do you know any important people?Toys: --What fun toys do you own?-- Do you own a vacation home? --Where is your vacation home located? --Is it on a beach? --Is it on alake? --Is it in a big city? --What kind of car do you drive? --Do you own a boat? --Do you own a plane?Fun: --What do you do for fun? --What are your favorite activities in the future? --Do you go on vacation? --Where do you go on your vacations? --What are some of your favorite vacation experiences? --What are your hobbies?

My Dreams--Future Job--Future Annual Income--How Much Money You Have--Future Weight--Future Body--Future Family--Future Home--Future Car--Future Relationships--Future Toys--Future Vacations

My GoalsFor each dream list the steps, education, contacts, phone calls, etc. that are required.Question #1: What would I need to do, what activities would I need to engage in, in order for each dream to come true?Question #2: Can I perform those activities? If not, either drop the dream or rethink to make possible.

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